Playstation was at the GDGT launch party

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“Now if you live in the New York City area and want to check out the PSPgo and some of the key titles launching this holiday, I just happen to be in NYC for the gdgt Launch Party and Meetup, which is open to the public TONIGHT. In addition to PSPgo, the new 120GB PS3 and some upcoming games like Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time will be there too, so come by!”

I came across this on the playstation blog and couldn’t say no. Even though I was truly tired and it had been a boring cold day I still couldn’t say no. I gave myself every excuse but the city was calling and when Sony is in the city and the city is calling you can’t say no. The event started at 7 and I figured if I get there around 7 I’ll be able to grab a swag bag and hit all the proper booths easily but man was I wrong. I got there 15 minutes late and all the swag bags were gone. I knew there were going to be a lot of people at this thing, but I also had read that there would be plenty of swag bags to go around and sony emphasized plenty but they ran out fast still, and not only that but the food was gone as well. Its like people came there  hungry and destroyed whatever was free. My fellow New Yorkers you have done me proud and here I was a man late to the party expecting everything ha I shall never underestimate you again. Sense the only swag I had on me was my old spice I decided to just jump right into the crowd hitting booth after booth. My first 3 stops were my main reason for going. Rock star, Sony Playstation, and Sony Vaio yes even the beautiful laptops made the cut.  They were all there and right next to each other for goodness sake. The mob was relentless. It took me a while to get through to the 1 st booth which was Rock Star. There booth was kind of lackluster but they were giving away free T shirts with mouse pads and stickers all promoting GTA china town. I couldn’t resist I mean come what gamer wouldn’t want a free shirt. After I haggled my way to the t shirt of the correct size I fought through some more of the mob to the playstation booth and let me remind you the booths are right next to each other but in any case I got to there booth and tested the new pspgo which I have to say is kind of nice. I think its worth it I mean it fits in your hand well and I have huge hands so that’s a plus, and the new look is really a head turner. The screen looks seamless and hd is so in. Christmas might just be merry again. Once I had my fill of the pspgo I placed it back in the sony representatives hands and turned to the uncharted 2 game setup which everyone had to take turns playing so of course needless to say the wait was like a lifetime but I finally got on and played a little as it was running on the new slim ps3. I don’t need to tell you how uncharted 2 looks and plays just go to the playstation store after today and play it yourself.  All the other booths were so so and a lot of it was hit and miss kind of stuff. Microsoft was there with there zune booth but between you and me they really didn’t get a lot of people. What did you expect not only were they in a cold dark corner of the event hall but there people were all men. So much for equal opportunity.   After I sampled everything there was to sample I decided it was time to go and on my way out the cute Japanese lady behind the sony booth waved at me and winked as to try and seduce me with her smile.  I winked back and said lightly “not while you are on the job”. My dedication to sony is strong and so must its employees be. Press that ps button baby.


Resident evil The Dark Chronicles

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Well the Tokyo Game Show is over and if you were in NY while it was going on like me you probably missed all of it because you were attending the Anime Festival. No worries I’ll touch a little on what this game is about. This game is basically a recap of Resident evil 2 with bits and pieces of Resident evil 0.  At first glance the game looks amazing I mean come on I’m thinking everything  after Res 5 should look even better but take a closer look and you realize even though the game looks really cool with new angles and an overall new experience to this classic, the graphics aren’t better and that is because THIS GAME IS FOR THE WII. Now I am not to mad at this because the big picture is basically Re5 never came out for the wii and we all know why but it just hurts to know that they went this route knowing good and well that these first person shooter kinds of Resident evils never really do that well but hey sense its for the wii and I am making an exception even posting this lets see if the story, GRAPHICS lol, and controls make this particular piece of eye candy fun. For this one time lets all just press the wii power button shall we.

Oh no there’s a street fight going on outside

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Street Fighter 4 is amazing. Now before I go any further I should first say I am a 3D man, meaning I prefer 3D fighting games. I’ve never liked 2D’s EVER. My decree is if you cant side step there’s no point in fighting, but this particular game struck me to my very core.  Its still a 2D fighter but with 3D character renderings. It strikes me more as a 2D based 3D fighting game, a hybrid of both types(wow thats a mouthful). As I returned from my community Blockbuster with the game in hand, driving back to my house I kept second guessing if I made the right choice. can you blame me? I would never have thought of renting a 2D fighter before but the art and commercials had me in limbo so I took a chance. Upon walking into my room with my beautiful setup, I fired up the PS3, took out Little big planet and popped in SF4. The opening video was really cool and from there I through myself into the game.  The character i chose first had to be female and preferably a new character so I chose C. Viper. I set the game to normal which was a mistake because 2D’s are different than 3D’s and got my butt wooped. I got aggravated with it but I set it to the easiest setting and started learning from scratch how to defend myself. The animation of the characters were very original and fresh. The art and back rounds left me with a sweet satisfaction in my mouth unlike the fist I just ate from Seth (the boss character). The female characters in this game are to hot.  The male characters are huge and overall fitting for their fighting style. The anime style to the stories were great. It made me feel like I was a real part of the game and my actions shaped not only the dialogue in the actual fight but the game’s story. The online mode was perfect as well and extremely smooth. Above all (speaking to the people who don’t like 2D’s) If only for the scantily clad clothes these girls are wearing with there newly rendered bodies at the very least try this game.

Let Chun Li’s thighs be animated…….


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Now here is the moment you have been waiting for. My (Seanjin) rant on xbox. I will be nicer than other fanboys but I still must express why it meaning xbox doesn’t fit me.  The Xbox is green representing money. Money that is not in your pocket , why…… because Xbox is money driven. They have proved this time and again with paying large amounts of money for exclusive titles. Sony never pays for exclusivity because they don’t feel they need to., and they don’t. If that game company wants to appeal to the playstation market only then that’s there decision. Sony says wow thanks and the game company develops a deeper relationship with Sony which will lead to future work and loyalty. Honor and respect is what the Japanese stand for. What does Xbox stand for…….desperation to stay in the game maybe. Now wait before you hit me with your anti a game system is a game system talk. Everybody knows that most American gamers want to shoot something or blow something up ( mainly people in war games) and that’s what America does best and I’m kinda happy about that but that’s not my cup of tea in gaming. Japan looks to more creative games like rpg’s, song, dance, and puzzle games. they still get dirty with shooting games I’m not say they don’t but the Japanese government doesn’t sponsor it and promote it like the American military does Xbox. Sadly it feels as if Xbox represents WAR and Ps3 represents PEACE. On a lighter note i do like a few of the games on the Xbox like Halo 3, not 1 or 2 sorry, and LEFT FOR DEAD very fun ill admit, and GEARS OF WAR. These 3 games are great and i love to play them when an Xbox is in site but the thought of paying for online service gets to me greatly. I’m very cheap you see and if i pay over 200 for something i don’t want to pay for anything else to get the full experience. I’m a New Yorker that’s how we think. With a hooker 200 hundred bucks gets you a night of pleasure and passion you’ll never forget. With an Xbox 200  hundred bucks gets you a system you can play with your friends locally and that’s it. All in all the lineup of Xbox games is lackluster to me because i don’t play first person shooters. (Most give me headaches)  Ps3 appeals to my growing blu ray library, my friends when im not in the same state as them or lazy lol, and my virtual avatar needs to the extreme all for what………………FREE. somebody please press the ps button I’m having a party at my apartment in Home and your invited.

Resident Evil 5

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Let me start by saying Residue Evil is great. As i downloaded and installed the demo i felt a sense of excitement that I haven’t felt in a while with the lack luster demos that the PSN has been releasing as of late. I pressed start, and through myself head first into the game. I chose the online co op shanty town as my first goal for completion and luckily got paired with someone whose played the game before and who knows what there doing. (side note you can play with friends in the demo) The graphics were a ten the level of melee and gun action left me bedazzled, the cooperation when you and your partner are killing everything that moves makes this demo let alone game a must play. Precise controls as waves upon waves of zombies attack you and your partner. The demos sheer replay value beats some of my regular playstation 3 games. This game is looking like a blockbuster and i urge all to play and destroy while pressing the ps button.

Sony OLED Released

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Sony’s XEL-1 OLED Digital TV is now available to the public in select retailers and online. A 3mm thin display panel, contrast ratio greater than 1.000,000 to 1, and a memory stick slot built in; Sony again takes new strides in the future of television as we see it.

“It delivers astounding performance in all the key picture quality categories. OLED technology can completely turn off pixels when reproducing black, resulting in more outstanding dark scene detail and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. OLED also creates unmatched color expression and detail and enables rapid response times for smooth and natural reproduction of fast moving images like those found in sports and action movies.”

Episode 1 of The Originals is coming soon so keep checking the blog.

Does anyone hear a Siren……..I DO

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As Ben played Siren for the 45th time this month I witnessed him run through one of the chapters with my own eyes. A self proclaimed genius of Siren he runs through the first five minutes with ease dispatching any and all shibito in his way, but in that sixth minute everything changed. Day turned to night and the tables were turned. As Ben played as the kick butt Japanese character with a rather big rifle accompanying the character Sam Monroe (Guy with glasses) they both were traversing through the rooftops of the village during the daytime when two flying shibito’s came out of the sky and started fighting with Ben. As Ben started fighting back Sam Monroe, being controlled by the AI, took it upon himself to jump off the roof and start fighting a regular shibito. Ben, knowing full and well that Sam wont be able to stay alive very long, by his self, tries to run past the flying shibito’s but gets pushed by one of them so hard that Ben’s character falls no shorter than 12 feet off the roof landing in at least 4 feet of the dirtiest New Jersey mud. At the moment of impact were Ben’s back meets the sewage, Sam Monroe dies from a blunt object getting slapped against his head. Needless to say I laughed a little as the checkpoint option came up and Ben pressed the PS button.

Let it be posted………..